We are the largest professional DSTV Satellite Dish Installers in Fourways Sandton.

Before choosing aerial and satellite dish products it is best to consult with a reputable Satellite Dish Installers Fourways service and that’s why we are here. We’ll talk you through the finer details which can help avoiding unnecessary expenses later on.The type of DSTV dish installation you choose will determine your TV programming and the number of digital broadcasts you’ll be able to view.

It’s vital to not only install a superior quality dish, but also to make sure you do it in a manner that will allow it to capture strong signals regardless of the weather conditions. A number of companies have had the reputation for poor workmanship and in many times our satellite dish installers have had to step in to re-do the dish installations and precision alignment. It is especially vital if you’re considering going for HD transmissions. Small dishes are undesirable here, we instead advise clients to opt for our 70 cm HD dishes.

Maybe you are thinking of installing a DSTV dish on your own? Don’t risk it, instead let us the specialists handle the installations! No one else offers quality services at affordable prices like us, or DSTV dish installation price is just unbelievable. Because of our expertise in DSTV dish alignment, be rest assured you will have the best signal reception and viewing pleasure. We’re available for all types of dish-related issues such as:

  • Tuning up your existing DSTV satellite receiver and dish.
  • Satellite dish re-install & dish removal
  • Option of LNB, twin LNB, depending on your needs
  • Dish alignment / dish direction

For more information contact our affordable DSTV satellite dish installations Fourways service on 078 228 3182 or 074 729 9672

Satellite Dish Installers Near Me

As a Fourways based company we specializes in dish installation that will allow you to receive terrestrial and digital channels. Our qualified satellite dish installers near me will put in the right satellite for your property and align to get the very best signal and give you the best possible viewing experience. We also do both communal satellite and aerial installations for apartment blocks, businesses and offices.

DSTV LNB Alignment and Installation

An often overlooked part of the DSTV setup is the installation of your LNB which can lead to issues when you want to watch certain channels.
Our accredited DSTV LNB installer in Fourways will correctly connect your dish to the decoder thereby preventing any loss of reception.

When it comes to installing a DSTV Satellite Dish, it is important to align the dish correctly. As a matter of fact, correct dish installation and alignment provides the best signal strength for your DSTV decoder. You can easily do this by hiring a DSTV approved installer who has the right equipment to do a correct satellite dish alignment. Call us on 078 228 3182 or 074 729 9672 or Contact us here.